Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

If you decide that the original instance where you created an account isn’t working out for you and you’ve identified a new instance that you want to move to, follow these steps to make the move. Note that moving to a new instance migrates your followers but not your posts.

Start at the new instance. Go to Preferences > Account > Account Settings. Under the heading “Moving from a different account,” click Create An Account Alias. (As a shortcut, you can go directly to https://<new_instance>/settings/aliases.) Enter the handle for the account you want to move from, in the format username@domain, and then click Create Alias.

Now go to the old instance, the one you want to move from. Open the Account Settings page and, under the heading “Move to a different account,” click Configure It Here. (As a shortcut, you can go directly to https://<old_instance>/settings/aliases.) Enter the handle of the new account, in the format username@domain, along with the current password. Read the notes carefully, and then click Move Followers.

If you want to migrate the list of accounts you’ve followed, blocked, or muted, go to Preferences > Import and Export. Export data in CSV format from the old account and import it using the new account.

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