Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Apple MacBook Air 11.6"


It’s not often you see an Apple MacBook Air on sale south of $500, but a limited-time deal on StackSocial has a model for only $282.

The Apple MacBook Air is an 11.6″ device from 2015. Yes, it will not perform as well as the modern MacBook Air ranges that contain Apple’s custom processors and improved displays & graphics, but for $282 — a discount of 68% or $617 on a typical $899 RRP — this deal should still be considered. 

When you find an Apple MacBook Air for less than 300 bucks, there has to be a caveat. There are two: the device is a 2015 model, and it is a refurbished item. 

However. I’ve had a 2015 MacBook Air since its release and despite being used continually either while traveling for work or at home as an alternative to my MacBook Pro work machine, it is still going strong. If you’re budget-conscious, too, a renewed item could be the best option — especially with the holidays coming up far quicker than they should.  

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The 2015 MacBook Air, in silver, comes with an 11.6″ display, an Intel Core i5 processor (1.6GHz), 4GB RAM, HD Graphics 6000, and 128GB storage. 

What you should keep in mind, however, is that the battery life of 2015 devices will be less efficient than what we expect from new, flagship MacBooks, with approximately six hours available per charge. 

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