Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Bird Buddy smart hummingbird feeder

A front-facing camera can capture photos and identify up to 350 different hummingbird species.

Bird Buddy

CES 2023 has already seen some of the top companies release major products, from laptop-charging e-bikes to TV displays that can stick anywhere. This year, one major company created a way to keep an eye on your feathered friends with the Bird Buddysmart hummingbird feeder. 

Designed to lure in hummingbirds, the feeder comes with a red lily flower that offers easy disassembly for regular cleaning without hassle. 

Using AI technology, the hummingbird feeder can capture photos and videos of a whopping 350 different hummingbird species. A motion sensor will trigger the built-in camera to snap images of any birds that visit the feeder, including wing speeds of up to 60mph.

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Once it snaps a photo, the device sends a smartphone notification via the Bird Buddy App, which identifies which species made a pit stop at the feeder thanks to the species-identifiying algorithm.

Bird Buddy smart hummingbird feeder

The feeder comes with three lily shapes to attract hummingbirds.

Bird Buddy

“In order to create a product that both people and hummingbirds would want to use, we knew we had to develop a practical design that allowed for quick assembly, zero leaks, and easy cleaning,” says co-founder and chief hardware officer Kyle Buzzard. And, of course, we’re proud of our high-quality camera that provides crisp images and amazing videos of hummingbirds from a completely new perspective.”

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This smart feeder isn’t the first model the Tech for Nature startup has offered consumers. Recently, the company debuted its Bird Buddy smart bird feeder designed for feathered friends like sparrows, cardinals, and more. 

Both bird feeders will offer swappable camera modules, optional solar roofs, and motion sensor detection.

While there’s no word on when the hummingbird feeder will be available, you can pre-order the original Bird Buddy feeder right now on their site starting at $200. Shipping on those units will begin around April 2023.

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