Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Elephant Card iPhone Mount


When Apple first announced Continuity Camera back in June — a MacOS Ventura feature that leverages your iPhone’s rear cameras as the webcam — it was safe to say that many eyebrows raised. After years of video calls and virtual collaboration, who knew that the phones in our pockets were the key to professional-looking, front-facing video?

I’ve seen the likes of Belkin put out quality iPhone mounts for this purpose, but they can run you up to $30 a piece. Instead, something like the Elephant Card — yes, that’s the actual name — costs just $8 during Cyber Monday and, in some ways, does the job even better than its more-expensive competition. 

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All that’s needed to make Continuity Camera happen is a Mac computer running MacOS Ventura, an iPhone running on iOS 16, and a mount to keep the handset afloat. That’s where the Elephant Card comes in.

It’s a plastic camera mount that hangs onto the top bezel of your laptop when folded and leaves just enough room to place your iPhone behind the lid. The company says that the card is compatible with any iPhone model, including the smaller iPhone 13 Mini and the larger, heavier iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The best part? You can unfold the Elephant Card and slot it right into your wallet for on-the-go use, something that the magnet-based iPhone mounts can’t do. 

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You can snag an Elephant Card for as low as $8 right now on Amazon and it’ll come in a nifty envelope that makes it just as good of a stocking stuffer as it is a casual gift for coworkers. 

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