Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

File size: 50GB | Release date: 8/19/22 | # of players: 1-4

Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA, is the leader in the gaming industry when it comes to sports games. While the company typically hasn’t had the greatest reputation with its loyal fan base, this edition of Madden is changing the path.

Madden NFL 23 sees a much-improved franchise mode with players now showing how much they want to stay with the team. Additionally, you are able to scout college athletes more in-depth and can even download user-created rosters from the cloud to scout real college players in the game. Other game modes like Ultimate Team and Play Now haven’t changed much, but they don’t really need to be changed. 

While yes, this Madden game is just another installment of the historic franchise, this game is worth getting. EA listened to their fans, or critics, and made the necessary changes to create another great game.

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