Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Features: Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Custom size: Yes | Compatibility: Alexa, SmartThings, Google, HomeKit

Lutron’s line of smart shades, Serena Shades, is a home run among smart window treatments. When customizing, you can choose size, whether they’re battery-powered or wired, fabric, color, mount, and controls and accessories. These shades have become pretty popular among smart home enthusiasts, thanks to both the high quality of the materials and the wide compatibility with assistants like Google Home, HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and more. 

Though the Lutron smart bridge is required to enjoy all capabilities of these shades, you can also pair them with Caseta dimmers and light controls, another Lutron brand. The hub can also connect up to 75 Lutron devices, something to consider if you’re a Caseta or a Lutron fan in your smart home. 

The only thing they are lacking in is affordability since they are one of the most expensive options. Their blackout roller shades at 24×36 inches with smart capability and remote can cost just over $740 to over $900, depending on customizations, so they’re definitely on the higher end of price. 

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