Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Tech specs: Weight: 0.73 ounces | Battery life: 12 hours | Palm rejection: Yes | Tilt recognition: Yes

The best stylus for iPads is the Apple Pencil 2nd generation since it was built to work for iPads. This Apple Pencil builds on the first-generation model with a double-tap function that you can customize to switch between pencil and eraser, show the color palettes, and more, as well as attach to the side of the iPad Pro and charge wirelessly.

The Apple Pencil is super responsive and has pixel-perfect precision with industry-leading low latency to write, markup, or draw. It also has tilt sensitivity and palm-rejection technology, so the screen only recognizes the Apple Pencil, not your hand or finger.

By using the Apple Pencil with your iPad (specifically, the iPad Pro 2022 model), you’ll get exclusive features like the new hover feature that makes part of the iPad’s interface come to life when the tip of the Apple Pencil gets within 12mm of the iPad’s display. 

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