Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Cutting width: 42 inches | Power source: Gasoline | Transmission: Variable speed hydrostatic | Engine: 22HP 724cc | Mulching and bagger capable: Yes | Max cutting area: 2 acres 

Zero-turn mowers and John Deere equipment both have a reputation for being on the high end of expensive, but whether you’re a brand loyalist or just have your eye on that Kelly Green, the Z345R CARB is one of the most affordable zero-turns (and pieces of John Deere equipment) you can buy. 

At just under $3,100, the Z345R CARB is a bit easier on the wallet while still providing premium-grade features like a 22HP V-twin engine, dual hydrostatic transmission, maximum cutting area of 2 acres. The 42-inch cutting deck is stamped from 12-gauge steel for durability and strength, while the twin blade sets give you an even and consistent cut on every pass. 

The steering lap bars feature padded grips, and the seat has durable cushioning, armrests, and a suspension system for better comfort while driving over both flat grass and rough spots. You can even kit out your Z345R CARB with a mulching deck or bagger attachment to re-feed your lawn with ultra-fine clippings between fertilizer applications or collect clippings for your compost bin or lawn waste pick-up. 

The Z345R CARB has color-coded controls for quick and easy identification as well as a low fuel warning light, so you never get left stranded with an empty tank.

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