Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

When I was first looking at making my newest console purchase I researched heavily before making that hefty purchase of a PlayStation 5. Let me tell you, I don’t regret it at all. The PS5 is a clear front-runner in the game console industry due to its elaborate design both inside and out. Oh yeah — the controller is also the best controller we have seen in gaming. 

Though the clear top pick was the newest PlayStation, the competition below is quite tough. With the Xbox Series X’s versatility in the gaming world as well as the streaming world, the console had to be included as Microsoft went all out with this unit. In contrast, the Xbox Series S is less powerful but still worth the money if you are a casual gamer. While the graphics aren’t as good on the Series S, most of the specifications are similar to the Series X.

Lastly, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was selected because of its ability to not only be a console but also a handheld system. Nintendo games are very popular, with Mario Kart being a staple in the Nintendo community, but you can only find those games on the Switch or other Nintendo products. If you love to game and you travel a lot, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for you.

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