Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Chromecast with Google TV HD

Image: Google

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale may be just around the corner, but if you’re looking to save now, feast your (streaming) eyes on the Google Chromecast streaming device. Originally $30, it’s now dropped to only $20, saving you 33% on your purchase.

If you’re already integrated into the Google smart home system, the Chromecast is a great way to add another device and stay in the system. However, for those that prefer foregoing the smart home system and just having a streaming device, the Chromecast is also a great tool. The remote features only eight buttons for ease of use, and one of those buttons is voice control so you can find your favorite shows with just your voice. Or, if you prefer to just browse some live TV, you can with built-in Pluto TV.

In terms of streaming, the Chromecast comes in two options:the HD streaming, that’s on sale for only $20; and the 4K streaming that’s still $10 off, but will cost you $40. No matter which you opt for, you will get a beautiful picture on your TV screen that automatically upscales to suit what you’re watching, whether it’s top hits like House of the Dragon or just old reruns of The Munsters to get excited for Halloween.

The Chromecast can also compile your favorite streaming services into one hub, so you can easily stream your favorite shows without having to enter various streaming services. It also allows the ability to create profiles for family members, so if you have young ones that you want to make sure they stay away from those scary Halloween movies, you can set up parental controls, too.

For those that keep an eco-friendly mindset, the Google Chromecast is also made with 49% recycled materials in its plastic part weight.

We wish we knew how long this sale will last, but we really don’t know when the deal ends. Be sure to pick up the Chromecast before the deal expires, and if you’re still not 100% sure that this is the streaming device for you, be sure to check out our picks for streaming devices.

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