Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 noise blocking earbuds

The handy app features both white noise and music options for up to ten hours.


Sometimes, it’s hard to fall asleep without external sounds or even with a white noise machine. You’ve added smart features to everything else, but how about your ears at bedtime? Right now, you can score specialized sleep earbuds for your sleep on sale. Originally $180, you can get the Soundcore Sleep A10 noise blocking sleep earbuds for only $130 with a special code.

The Sleep A10 earbuds are perfect for sleeping. While they’re not active noise canceling headphones, they feature a four-point noise masking system so you can sleep undisturbed. They are comfortable to wear whether you’re a side sleeper or crash on your back, and they stay securely in your ear the entire evening.

When you pair them with the app, you’ll get access to a library of white noise machines, sleep sounds, and more to keep you snoozing until morning. The earbuds were also designed to promote lower frequency sounds that are on average 10dB lower than magnetic drivers to help you fall and stay asleep, too. Track your sleep with the earbuds too, so you can see in-depth data.

It comes with a music mode and a special sleep mode. As such, the battery life varies, with music mode lasting for up to six hours, and sleep mode for up to 10 hours. Like most of the Anker Soundcore family, these earbuds come with a bunch of earbud wings and tips to customize your fit.

You’ll have to use code WS24SLEEP to get the $50 off coupon deal at Soundcore’s website. Add them to your cart today to get this great $130 deal. As a heads up, while these are great for sleep, they’re not 100% designed for daytime use. For that, we recommend heading over to our best wireless earbuds picks to get a set that will suit your needs.

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