Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Write a description of product in one sentence.

(Image: Getty / Edited by ZDNET)

This 65-inch Sharp Roku TV may well be the perfect home entertainment appliance. By building in all the features of a Roku set-top box inside a smart TV, the Roku interface because the TV’s menu system. This is a great way to dump cable and cord cut, because you can have everything you want inside one TV, without needing to use or switch inputs for streaming channels.

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This is a 4K LED TV that measures 65 inches (diagonally). And now, with the Cyber Monday sale, it’s well under $400. I’ll tell you this. I own a number of Roku TVs. Once we saw how seamless the interface was and how this configuration decluttered our entertainment area, we bought more of them for the bedroom and our offices.

I particularly like this 65-inch Sharp Roku TV because it has four HDMI inputs. That allows you to hook up your PS4 (or PS5), your Xbox, a computer, and even have a port left over for another game console. What’s cool is that you switch ports like you choose a streaming channel. It’s all up on one menu, and you can put Netflix right next to Xbox. That’s how it should be.

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