Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Ever since moving into the apartment with my partner, our home has become the holiday destination, while getting not only the turkey prepared but the house spotless for guests is time-consuming. If you can “smarten” your holidays then, by all means, it’s worth saving valuable time. One smart tool to help you save time? A robot vacuum. And, right now, the Neato D10 robot vacuum is currently on sale at Wellbots for only $450.

In a world of round robot vacuums, the Neato’s D-shape is specifically designed to reach where many robot vacuums can’t, including corners and walls. It can capture this extra dirt using LaserSmart LIDAR technology — a software that maps and navigates your home.

Underneath the vacuum is a Helix Multi-Surface Brush that’s up to 70% larger for more coverage, and 50% quieter on hard surfaces like tile and hardwood floors. While it can run more quietly on hard surfaces, it’s designed for multi-surface use, including carpeting. You can expect to clean it less with a .7-liter in, and it captures up to 99.67% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as .3 microns, too.

The Neato D10 offers customizable floor plans, including No-Go zones that can include children’s play areas, pet food bowls, and more. You can map your home, schedule cleanings, and more with the MyNeato app. If it runs out of battery power, it automatically recharges and resumes where it left off.

With special code ZDNET5, you can make your holiday prep faster, easier, and save an extra 5%. Add it to your cart today for only $450 and save $150.

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