Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Soundcore Anker Q20 noise canceling headphones


Finding a cost-friendly solution to your music listening needs can be tricky, but Anker doesn’t want you to pay hundreds for a pair of headphones. Take a look at the Soundcore Anker Q20 noise canceling headphones. Originally $60, you can score a pair for only $45.That’s a 25% savings.

Featuring 40 hours of playtime, a quick five-minute charge will keep you going for an extra four hours, making them great for long-haul flights ahead of the spring break season. In addition to the great playtime, you’ll get a pair of headphones that can reach up to 40kHz for great audio quality. This is also in part thanks to the oversized 40mm dynamic drivers built into the headphones.

The ANC that accompanies the headphones uses both hardware and software to reduce noise by up to 90%, so for your commute or your travels, you can enjoy your music and podcasts sans pesky background noise.

Right now, only the black pair is on sale for the full $15 savings. If you want a silver pair, it will cost you an extra $3. This deal is a part of Amazon’s Daily Deals, so we recommend adding them to your cart today to get the deal.

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