Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Govee Light strips M1


Smart home products can make everyday life easier with little effort, and smart lighting is a prime example. If you walk through CES 2023 display booths, you’re sure to be bombarded by new, flashy technology from presenters that each claim to be the most innovative, but this year I’m keeping my eye on those implementing Matter, like Govee.

The display of the Govee 6-ft LED strip light M1 at CES 2023 showcases the company’s first Matter-certified lighting product, making smart home users’ collective dreams come true. 

Just a few months ago, many of us in the smart home world saw Matter almost like a pipe dream, a great idea in theory but years away from our own homes. Now, with more companies becoming certified for Matter, we’ll see more implementations of the new connectivity standard.

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This time around, Govee is partnering with Google to be in the first batch of manufacturers to receive a ‘Works with Google Home’ certification specifically for Matter-certified products. Google, one of the original players involved in the development of Matter, already upgraded its Nest hubs to support the new standard. And if you own one of these, now all you need is to find a Matter-certified product to connect, and the technology is becoming less elusive.

After getting your hands on the new Govee 6ft LED strip light M1 that will be available in March 2023, you can pair it and set it up easily through the Google Home app. You can even have other Matter-certified devices that didn’t have prior compatibility with Govee or Google Home easily interact with it — which was unheard of in a pre-Matter world. 

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And, thanks to Matter, Google Home isn’t the only option. The same could be done with Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and the most exclusive of them all, Apple HomeKit.

For a few years now, Govee has been a midrange smart lighting manufacturer, combining affordability with quality construction. The longer Govee LED strip light M1, available now, is a 16-foot light strip that retails at $110, though it’s going for $85 as part of a limited time deal. Though this version currently available doesn’t support Matter, users of this current strip will be able to request a control box to make it Matter-enabled. It features a density of 60 LEDs per meter, is extendable up to up to 32ft, and can be cut. It also has 50 customizable segments and 17 moving effects.

Govee has committed to bringing even more Matter-enabled smart lighting products in the future, with plans to extend interoperability in new table lamps, floor lamps, and outdoor lights.

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