Sat. Jun 10th, 2023


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It’s the second coming of Amazon Prime Day, which means thousands of antsy shoppers are swiping through catalogs, clicking through webpages, and throwing their wallets at screens. If you haven’t made an impulse-buying decision yet, this deal might end the streak.

Eufy’s HomeVac H11 is a cordless handheld vacuum that’s just as practical as it sounds. Unlike a traditional vacuum, the HomeVac is cable-free and compact enough to clean hard-to-reach areas. Right now, it’s on sale for just $36 (40% off) during the final hours of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. 

Let’s be real: Regular vacuums are cumbersome. You have to drag it out of your closet or garage, strategize about which outlet to plug it into, and think twice about whether or not you’ll be disturbing your housemates. 

The HomeVac H11 isn’t silent, and definitely doesn’t replace a full-fledged sucker, but it’s a more convenient and efficient tool for minor spills and tough-to-reach spaces. Plus, if your housemates do notice when it’s in action, they’ll be more impressed than distressed. 

This cordless vacuum is rarely discounted, but it is today — and not for long. For the next 12 hours (since the publishing of this post), you can buy Eufy’s HomeVac H11 vacuum for just $36. That’s a 40% discount on the regular price. 

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It comes in frosted black and mint colorways and weighs just 1.2lbs, but the 5,500Pa suction power should impress you the most. Whether you need to clear an office desk that magically collects dust or explore dirt in the crevices of your favorite chair, let this $36 handheld vacuum be your impulse buy this holiday season. 

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