Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Price: $799.00 - $749.00
(as of Oct 06,2022 13:19:12 UTC – Details)

With Definitive Technology’s new 3XR Architecture featuring three-times the bass-radiating surface area of other 10” subs, the Descend DN8 performs like a 12” sub in a 10” driver cabinet and delivers louder and clearer lows without any unwanted port noise distortion. Outfitted with dual 10” Bass Radiators that are pressure coupled to the 10” driver and 500W peak Class D amplification that deliver massive, impactful bass with amazing speed, musicality, and control even at 28Hz. Equipped with built-in controls, easily accessible at the back panel, you can adjust volume, low pass filter and phase control (0/1100°) for a personalized listening experience. Set power toggle to Auto on/off or DC control for fast and easy on/off power switching in the sub and other home theater equipment. Digitally optimized to take your movies and music to the next level, the Descend DN10 is a perfect complement to any home theater system as it allows easy connectivity via LFE or stereo line level RCA inputs (cables not included). Add another, same-model subwoofer to your home entertainment setup to dramatically improve realism and ensure smoother bass throughout the listening area. Be at the center of action from virtually any part of the room!
As Low as 28Hz for deep impact from any system
Dual 10″ Radiators for more bass and no port noise
Custom 500W peak Class D amplifier for maximum impact
Easy customizaton & control so it blends right in

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