Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

The perfect way to cover your home in solid, reliable Wi-Fi

Amazon eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi system


Poor Wi-Fi is up there as one of the biggest home or small office tech complaints that people have. There’s nothing more frustrating than a Wi-Fi connection that continually drops. But even if the Wi-Fi is reliable, how do you keep your devices safe from hackers and people after your money or personal information?

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Put an end to all your Wi-Fi woes with the excellent Amazon eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi system. Not only will this bathe every corner of your home or office in fast, reliable Wi-Fi, but it offers high-end, yet easy to use professional-grade tools to keep the bad guys out.

At the heart of the eero Pro 6E is speed, supporting fast speeds and the new 6 GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, which means lower latency across your network, even for non Wi-Fi 6E devices. 

But if you’re adding to an existing eero system then don’t worry, you won’t have to throw anything away because everything is backward-compatible with previous-generation eero devices.

Setup is also quick and pain-free, with the eero app not only guiding you through setup, but also allowing you to manage your entire network from anywhere. And thanks to automatic updates, your entire network with stay safe and secure.

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On top of all that, the eero Pro 6E also doubles as a smart home hub, so you can use Alexa to control compatible Thread and Zigbee devices without any additional hardware, reducing cost and simplifying your network.

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