Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Price: $69.99 - $64.99
(as of Oct 12,2022 14:59:18 UTC – Details)

Introducing MyTime™ Technology—the revolutionary feature from Crockpot™ that transforms the traditional slow cooker! When you’re away from home for longer than 8-10 hours, a traditional programmable slow cooker automatically shifts to Keep Warm when cooking is finished, which can result in overcooked meals. MyTime Technology cooks to your unique schedule, so you no longer have to guess the perfect cook time or plan your day around your slow cooker to avoid overcooking. Now you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals, exactly when you want them. Simply set your mealtime, food type, and amount, and MyTime does the rest! MyTime Technology features three unique slow cooker settings that to help cook to your time. Experience cooking with the MyTime Slow Cooker and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals on your time.
MyTime Technology: MyTime automatically adjusts the cooking cycle, so meals are ready exactly when you want to eat
Customized Controls: MyTime features 3 customized settings—choose your food type, amount, and exact meal time, and MyTime does the rest!
Perfectly Cooked Meals: No more overcooking! Traditional slow cookers shift to Keep Warm, sometimes resulting in mushy, overcooked meals. MyTime adjusts its settings to your schedule for perfect results every time
Manual Cooking: Easily control cook settings on your own with the manual cook option
Sleek, Intuitive Design: Flat digital countdown control screen lets you easily schedule your desired mealtime, monitor meal progress, and manually control your cook time and temperature
Other Features: Dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass lid for easy cleaning; stainless steel finish

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