Tue. Mar 28th, 2023


IMAGE: Google

We’re spotlighting a very special deal on a Google Nest Wifi bundle. Wi-Fi has changed how we relate technology. Not only does it allow us to use our laptops from the couch, it also powers many of our smart home devices — all without wires. But homes and offices are each designed uniquely and the radio waves that drive Wi-Fi sometimes have difficulty reaching everywhere, creating “dead-zones” throughout your home and office.

Wi-Fi mesh networking fixes that problem. By placing a number of Wi-Fi mesh routers and repeaters throughout your space, you can create a mesh of overlapping networking goodness that provides coverage where previously there was merely frustration.

Google has sold Wi-Fi mesh routers for a number of years now, with the version we’re spotlighting here being the second generation. Unlike some mesh systems, the Google Nest mesh setup is easy and accomplished through a wizard that runs in an app on your phone. My experience with the earlier generation of Google Wi-Fi was quite good and this second generation promises to be even better.

Also: Google Wifi’s Network Check feature just got a lot better

Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re spotlighting a great deal where you can get a set of three Google Wifi devices for $199. That’s $150 off the regular price of $349. Now, don’t be confused. You may have seen sets of Google Nest Wifi devices for less money, but they’re older generation devices or refurbished devices. But we haven’t ever seen three current-generation Google Nest Wifi devices for this low price, so if you’re looking to expand your network, now is the time to snap them up.

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