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Just like that, the holidays are around the corner and it’s time to start shopping again. Holiday shopping can be a very stressful time because you want to get people gifts that won’t disappoint without breaking the bank. If you know someone who already has an Apple ecosystem of devices, buying them another Apple item to build on their collection is a gift sure to impress.

The one problem with gifting Apple products is that they usually carry a hefty price tag. However, because we are already entering the holiday season, Apple is early offering discounts on a lot of their products. To find good deals for your Apple-loving family and friends, read on to find ZDNET’s best picks. 

Best early Black Friday 2022 Apple deals overall

Below are the eight best early Apple deals we found could find. Further down the page, you’ll see other interesting Apple deals we spotted at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

  • Current price: $467.42
  • Original price: $549.00 

The Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are Apple’s only over-the-ear headphones in the AirPod line and offer ANC, spatial audio, and transparency mode. These headphones have a pretty hefty price tag, so a 15% discount can save you quite a bit of money. 

If you are thinking about taking the plunge to make this big of an investment, you might as well save yourself some money while you can. A huge bonus, these headphones have been ZDNET expert-reviewed and approved. 

Review: AirPods Max review: Stunning sound and performance mean I’m keeping the $550 headphones

  • Current price: $99.98
  • Original price: $179.00

Apple just dropped its latest Apple TV 4K, meaning that it’s the perfect time to get a hefty discount on the previous model. With this deal, you can save 44% on a product that will take your Apple ecosystem to new heights. When you purchase an Apple TV streaming device, it comes with a remote as well as a sleek box that will give you access to all your streaming service needs on your TV, as well as Apple interface perks such as Apple Music and AirPlay.

  • Current price: $489.99
  • Original price: $529.00

Just in September, Apple dropped its Apple Watch Series 8. For a product this new to be on sale so soon is a big deal, and if you are interested in purchasing, now would be a great time. The Series 8 is water resistant, can track fitness, has health insights, and has advanced safety measures such as fall and crash detection. Most importantly, ZDNET tested it and was impressed. 

Review: Apple Watch Series 8 Review

  • Current price: $1,399.00
  • Original price: $1,499.00

This laptop is the best MacBook Air on the market, sporting Apple’s latest and most powerful M2 chip. The M2 chip allows this laptop to have a very long battery life –18 hours. In addition, because this is the Air model, despite all of its capabilities, it only weighs 2.7 pounds. Lastly, this specific model has loads of storage capacity: 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage. A discounted price for such a high-quality laptop is a really great deal.

  • Current price: $299.99
  • Original price: $329.00

An iPad is a great gift for anyone on your shopping list because it can double as a notebook, sketchpad, e-reader, mini laptop and more. Everyone can take advantage of one of the features it has to offer and for an Apple product, this is on the lower end of the price scale. Unlike more expensive tech gadgets, an iPad is simple to use that both your little ones and older ones will be able to figure out with ease. 

  • Current price: $399.99
  • Original price: $499.00

Out of all the deals on the list, this deal has the biggest discount. The iPad Mini is available at 20% off, which rarely ever happens with an Apple product. The iPad Mini is a very practical gift because it has so many uses and an added bonus–it’s a mini. The smaller size makes it so much easier to bring around with you everywhere you go. If someone on your list commutes often or carries a bag that is heavy enough as it is, a mini would be a great alternative to the full size. I know that personally, when I take the bus home from work, I don’t want to whip out a big device to get my reading, note taking, or web surfing done. 

  • Current price: $92.88
  • Original price: $99.00

Now I know you may be thinking this isn’t a huge saving, and you aren’t entirely wrong. However, the value in this purchase is that each individual AirTag retails at $29 and through this bundle, you are already saving $20. That saving, plus the additional six percent off makes for a really good deal. Another bonus is that you can give these out individually to people as four different stocking stuffers. AirTags are something everyone can take advantage of since everyone has at least one thing they want to keep track of. 

  • Current price: $117.97
  • Original price: $157.99

If you’re in search of wireless headphones that provide good sound quality without unnecessary bells and whistles, these headphones are ideal. These AirPods have a simple one-tap setup and stay automatically connected. Plus, they automatically pause audio when you remove one or both earbuds from your ears. With the charging case, the battery life can last more than 24 hours with up to 5 hours of listening time per charge. This could be a good gift for someone who doesn’t care for active noise cancellation or spacial audio and just wants headphones that do the job. 

More early Black Friday 2022 Apple deals at Amazon

Here are some other Apple Black Friday deals happening right now at Amazon:

More early Black Friday 2022 Apple deals at Walmart

Here are some other Apple Black Friday deals happening right now at Walmart:

More early Black Friday 2022 Apple deals at Best Buy

Here are some other Apple Black Friday deals happening right now at Best Buy:

To get out the best early Apple Black Friday deals, we searched the web for items that would make a great gift (or personal purchase–we won’t judge) without breaking the bank. Apple products are already a hefty investment, so we want to help you save as much money as you can. 

Black Friday 2022 is on Nov. 25, the day after Thanksgiving. However, Black Friday sales start earlier and that’s why we made this list. 

Cyber Monday happens on the Monday after Black Friday. This year it lands on Nov. 28. 

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