Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

If you’ve checked a suitcase before, you’re probably familiar with the pace-and-look dance around the luggage carousel, hoping your bag is the next to come down the chute. Waiting is never fun, and the airline losing your bags is even less so. 

While many people will loop an AirTag on the outside handle of their suitcase, slipping the tag within will ensure that the accessory won’t ever be removed or fall off. Tracking your bag may not make the wait time shorter, but knowing the bag’s real-time location may grant you peace of mind. If your airline loses your bag, you may even be more in the know as to your bag’s location than the airport staff.

Also: Airline backtracks on AirTag ban in checked luggage 

Plus, an AirTag weighs just 0.39 ounces, making it a great alternative to buying heavier smart luggage for the sake of tracking — which typically require you to remove and carry on the removable battery before checking. 

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